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Psalm 119: 129-136 (Pe)

Posted: 25th February 2011 by Rob in Uncategorized

The section of this Psalm highlights the Hebrew letter Pe. The Psalmist begins each sentence with a word that begins with this letter to call our attention to the magnificence of ¬†God’s word. He ends the section in much distress when God’s word is slighted. The sentences below use words that begin with the letter […]

Dose of Dietrich – Noticeable Changes

Posted: 1st February 2011 by Rob in Uncategorized

Yesterday it was noted that there came a time in Bonhoeffers life in which he realized that their was much more than knowing theological facts about God and the Scriptures. He had preached and taught with great fervor but now he knew with conviction that he had to live what he taught no matter where […]