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The Flip Side

Posted: 26th March 2011 by Rob in Uncategorized

Follow this link to read Great Homeschools response to AiG’s concern. There is always two sides to a story! To be fair, Ken Ham was replaced at the conference by Jonathan Sarfati of Creation Ministries International. Also, OneNewsNow has a short article and poll regarding this situation.

Home-Schooling and AiG

Posted: 25th March 2011 by Rob in Uncategorized

A stir in the homeschool network has surfaced¬†recently. Answers in Genesis, and more specifically Ken Ham has been targeted by by organizers of a homeschool conference as intolerant and unChristian like in his stand against BioLogos and its founder Peter Enns. Enn’s, according to Ham holds to an unhealthy view of Scripture. He is identified […]

What’s in Your Wallet?

Posted: 16th March 2011 by Rob in Uncategorized

In a recent publication of Ligonier Ministries publication Table Talk, in an article titled “Purchased by His Blood,” ¬†Anthony J. Carter, the author of the article draws our attention to the purchasing power of the blood of Christ. In the article he focuses in on the power of Christ’s blood to purchase for Himself a […]