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Gospel of Mark

Posted: 17th February 2014 by Rob in Uncategorized

For a helpful and thought provoking treatment of Mark’s presentation of King Jesus, click on the link below. marks-gospel-discussion-notes

How Many?

Posted: 17th February 2014 by Rob in Uncategorized

How many persons are there in God? Why is the answer to this so important? First, the reality of a Triune God is biblical. While the ‘word’ Trinity is not to be found in the scriptures, its reality is. The pre-existence, kenosis incarnation, virgin birth, impeccable life, healing ministry , cross work, power wrought resurrection, […]

What is God?

Posted: 9th February 2014 by Rob in Uncategorized

‘What’ is God?? Is that a good question? I think so! The ‘What’ seems to draw our attention to His divine attributes and characteristics as in, ‘What’ He is like?’ However, when predicated by ‘Who’, as in ‘Who is God’ this seems to points to His personality. It also is a good question too because it stresses […]

New City Catechism

Posted: 1st February 2014 by Rob in Uncategorized

To be sure, DOCTRINE DOES DIVIDE. But is that so bad after all? The point is that when Christians are all on the same platform doctrinally, great things happen. First of all; God is glorified, second; Christ’s body is unified, third; believers experience compounded grace growth. The New City Catechism, published by Redeemer Presbyterian Church […]