Psalm 119: 129-136 (Pe)

Posted: 25th February 2011 by Rob in Uncategorized

The section of this Psalm highlights the Hebrew letter Pe. The Psalmist begins each sentence with a word that begins with this letter to call our attention to the magnificence of  God’s word. He ends the section in much distress when God’s word is slighted.

The sentences below use words that begin with the letter “P” and reflect the essence of the passages in this section.

129. Precious is Your written word, worthy of our obedience.

130. Proclaiming the revelation of Your written word illuminates my darkened mind.

131. Pour out generously into my opened mind a deep longing to keep for Your commands.

132. Place your gracious gaze also on my needy soul as I have seen you do in the lives of others you love.

133 Protect my steps from falling away from Your promises and keep me from the power sin.

134. Preserve my life from oppresive temptation that I might strive in your precepts.

135. Pleasure is knowing that Your  smile is toward me as You teach me your word.

136. Praise of Your people is my desire. may they love your word and treasure it in delightful obedience.

Striving together in delight for His wonderful word!