The Flip Side

Posted: 26th March 2011 by Rob in Uncategorized

Follow this link to read Great Homeschools response to AiG’s concern. There is always two sides to a story! To be fair, Ken Ham was replaced at the conference by Jonathan Sarfati of Creation Ministries International.

Also, OneNewsNow has a short article and poll regarding this situation.

  1. Bob McCabe says:

    I have been informed by a solid source who uses the Great Home School curriculum that the leaders of this group, Brennan & Mary Jo Dean, are old earth supporters. Further, Peter Enns writes children literature that they use. However, the problem for the Dean’s is that most of their constituency love AIG and use their material.

    Though I am not the flame thrower that Ken Ham is, he is absolutely correct in what he is saying about Peter Enns who lost his position at Westminster Theological Seminary because of his questionable views on inspiration and inerrancy.

    What is interesting in all of this is that Jonathan Sarfati is a militant defender of young-earth creationist. He has written a number of books that critique old-earth views. I have corresponded with Dr. Sarfati, as well as reading and using his various books, and am confident that I have a correct view of his views on young-earth creationism. In fact, Dr. Sarfati interviewed me in a three or four-page article last year in CMI’s Creation Magazine. His interview related to the various material I have written defending young-earth creation. There views on creation have no substantive difference. One difference between the two is that Sarfati is a chess master from New Zealand. As you would figure Dr. Sarfati is a great debater. However, I suspect the organizers of this conference will attempt to avoid any potentially contentious moments.

    Though I am not the Pope, I seriously doubt that using Sarfati rather Ham will solve the Dean’s problems with promoting Enns. Based upon my source with his contacts, Great Home School will have serious feedback from their users.

  2. Frank Justice says:

    Having read a few of Ken Ham’s books, as well as hearing him on a number of interviews on Christian radio, I tend to agree with Great Homeschools response. There is a fine line between conveying knowledge and arrogance. Ken Ham often comes across, at least to my ears, as talking down to people both in his books and in his interviews. Creation is a touchy subject and though our position is very clear in the Bible, we need to encourage unbelievers to look into the Word of God for the answers. We do not need to treat them as though they are uneducated, and somehow, inferior to us. The knowledge of Jesus Christ was limitless, but He taught his disciples in a caring, nurturing way, and the Bible instructs us to do the same.