Anger IS Biblical

Posted: 12th July 2012 by Rob in Uncategorized

Just a few thoughts about anger.


Anger is biblical. It is either biblically right or biblically wrong. God is the angriest person in the Bible. The anger of God is always right. The anger of man is mostly wrong. Unless anger is expressed under the control of the Spirit of God, by means of the fruit of the Spirit, it is a sinful act of the flesh. That means that our expression of righteous anger will be tempered as loving anger, joyous anger (remember true joy is spiritual joy and true spiritual joy is fulfilled in enjoying the presence of God), peaceable anger, patient anger, kind anger, good anger, gentle anger, faithful anger, self controlled anger.

Anger is a matter of morality. It is intrinsically moral. Sinful anger is a manifestation of judgmental morality. Judgmentalism means that you set the moral standards. The Bible is clear, vengeance belongs solely to the Lord. His standards are perfectly right. God judges our judging. He evaluates every single instance of anger and morally evaluates my criterion for judging and my reaction to circumstances. He is the sole determiner of whether it is good or bad.(David Powlison)

 Seven ways to discern your anger toward others or anger directed toward you.

1. Do you get angry about the right things? “Do you have good reason to be angry?” Jonah 4:4 Most anger arises from perceptions distorted by beliefs, cravings and expectations that substitute for God’s rule in your heart. Yet, you may observe some evil and have a proper Christian response which leads us to the next discernment.


2. Do you express your anger the right way? It is possible to see wrong accurately and respond wrongly. The clearest way to tell whether it is right or wrong is whether or not it acts out to condemn, or to offer help. Is it constructive or is it destructive. Anger motivates us to intervene to stop wrong but, “let no unwholesome thing come out of your mouth but only such a word as is good for edification.” Eph 4:29. Ask yourself, “Is my anger which is appropriately aroused self righteous and punitive, or is it my desire to help.”


3. How long does your anger last? When anger settles into bitterness, something is wrong. “Don’t let the sun go down on your anger.” Eph 4:26


4. How controlled is your anger. Anger must be bridled. (see above)


5. What gets your anger going? Anger arises from motives. What is it that you really want in the expression of anger? Do I want to hurts someone? (or even think about it) or not be inconvenienced, prove someone wrong, to settle the score, to be recognized and appreciated, to win, or simply get your way?


6. Is your anger primed and ready to respond like a cocked pistol? “You have burned me once it won’t happen again.” Anger is not waiting to happen.


7. What is the effect of your anger. Do people seem to shy away and avoid you? Sinful anger causes more problems. It complicates matters. It hurts people. Righteous anger helps. Are your words rotten? Look up Ephesians 4:29.


Gracious words are sweet to the taste even when they bring tough truths. Godly anger does not need to win. Godly anger has good effects for all concerned. Take responsibility. Make things right.