Resurrection – 1981 Years to the Date?

Posted: 5th April 2014 by Rob in Uncategorized

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Fundamental to the faith of all true Christians, is the reality of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, God’s unique eternal Son. It was the sure victory of life over death and is the hope of all who truly trust in Him.  His rising from death to life was an actual event, on a specific day, at an identifiable location within the borders of the nation of Israel, in Jerusalem, from a tomb, on the outskirts of the protective walls of that particular city.

The question of “when,” as in the recordable date has been debatable since. One such date has been set forth in a recent publishing from Crossway Publishing called,

“The Final Days of Jesus: The Most Important Week of the Most Important Person Who Ever Lived” Click here for more

If their calculations are correct, then, based on our Gregorian calendar, April 5, 2014 is the exact date 1981 years past that the Savior of many rose in victory from Golgotha to free His captives from sin and death.