In a book titled “The Interaction of Law and Religion” (Nashville: Abingdon, 1974), Harold J. Berman, professor of law at Harvard University, has developed a significant thesis”

–  Western culture has had a massive loss of confidence in law and in religion.
–  One of the causes of this double loss of confidence is the radical separation that has been made between the two.
– You cannot have workable rules for behavior without religion.
– Only religion provides an absolute base on which morality and law can be based.
– Western society is doomed to relativism in law because of the loss of an absolute.
– (A break from) authoritative religion…the concept of God, break(‘s) away from the possibility of absolute truth.

” (The) only remaining resource is existential relativism, a slippery, unstable, and ever-changing base on which no authoritative system of law or morals can be built. Religionless law can never command authority.”

“Indeed, it is now generally recognized “that no judicial decision is ever ‘final,’ that the law both follows the event (is not eternal or certain) and is made by man (is not divine or True).” Thus:

Rules without absolutes are rules without authority, except the authority of force and coercion.

When God is abandoned, truth is abandoned; and when truth is abandoned, the basis for morals and law is abandoned.

A consistent, coherent legal system cannot be built on philosophical humanism, on the principle that right and wrong fluctuate according to man’s ideas and feelings. Where, Oh Where are we headed??

New City Catechism – Question 8

Striving with thankfulness for our All Wise, Absolute, Law giving God