Train Up Your Kids

Posted: 21st May 2014 by Rob in Uncategorized

For those who have boys, (or girls with older brothers) this title, (Train Up Your Kids) may take on multiple applications. One application has to do with the successful marketing techniques of Fisher Price. It is a rare occasion nowadays for a young child of the male type (or a younger sister) from ages 2-7 that are not somewhat or intimately familiar with Thomas, James, Percy, Gordon, Annie and Clara belle, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc… With the segmented pieces of interlocking tracks loaded with bridges, tunnels and other amenites, (translated dollars) these kids are transported to Sodor for an delightful and extensive (and expensive) experience. To another world they go zipping along happily in interpersonal communication with their favorite engine.

Actually, for the most part, it is well worth the cost. These bairns, in their relative innocence, are safe under Sir Topham Hatt ‘s watchful eye. All issues seems in some way or another to work its way out for good.

However there is another more serious application of training in magnanimous proportion that has a much greater and longlasting (translated eternal) impact on kids, 1 to 80+. It is within the framework of, not the make believe world of Sodor, but a real world ready, willing and in active pursuit for the hearts of mom’s, dad’s and their children. In this the Bible is not at all silent. Proverbs 22:6 scratches the surface, Ephesians 5 turns over the spade.

A recent broadcast from, Truth For Life, aired a series from these texts referencing several others passages on the topic of ┬átraining children for God’s glory and not their own. Alistair Begg nails it. This is well worth the investment of thirty minutes of listening and a lifetime of reflection and putting into practice. This is one of the messages from a four part series called “Wise Words.” (As a matter of fact why not two hours of in investment!)

Here is the link to part three. Once again this topic is urgent. It affects YOUR kid!

Did I mention that there will be a test?